– @Heads_Together is Charity of the Year for the 2017 London marathon

– @Heads_Together is Charity of the Year for the 2017 London marathon

February 08, 2017: imageThe 36th annual London Marathon has named the mental health advocate group, Heads_Together ,as Charity of the Year. The declaration makes this the first ever mental health-focused marathon. This will give Heads Together an incredible platform to highlight mental health and help to end the stigma associated with it by open, honest communication.

The video (shared below from Heads Together ) explains what drove the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Catherine) and Prince Harry to invest in finding ways to help support mental health using their charitable foundations and global reach. William’s statement below emphasizes how critical understanding mental health has become:

“Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 40 in this country. Not cancer, not knife crime, not road deaths – suicide. There has only ever been silence. And this has to stop. This silence is killing good people”       -Duke of Cambridge


The launch of Heads Together was covered earlier in our July 26,2016 article here. Too often people struggle with fear of judgement if admitting to problems coping and they choose not to reach out. Heads Together is founded in the belief that by having conversations with one another about our personal struggles and reaching out is key to lifting judgement with mental illness. With that concept driving their mission, they are challenging runners (and whomever else wishes to join them) to share personal stories on video of struggle and triumph by reaching out to someone else. These stories will be shared to encourage conversations to happen.

The Heads Together runners will be picking from some of their charity partners as recipients of their donations for mental health. These charity partners include: Best Beginnings; CALM; Contact (military mental health roundtable); Place2Be; The Mix; YoungMinds; and, local branches of Mind.

Promoting the upcoming race, William, Catherine, and Harry challenged each other at the announcement for the Charity Of the Year with a quick race. Harry was the first to cross the line in their friendly competition, but they emphasized that everyone wins by choosing to reach out and share.

(Photos courtesy of Heads_Together.org.uk)

**Also training for the London Marathon this April is Sally Deakin, who is running in honor of Johannah Deakin who recently passed away from leukemia. Sally will be running to raises donations for Bloodwise a charity dedicated to finding a cure for blood cancers. More about Sally’s dedicated run can be found in our 29.12.16 article

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