Article: Harry Styles debuts solo single SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES.

Article: Harry Styles debuts solo single SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES.


April 7, 2017: Harry Styles’ first solo single SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES was played today for the first time on radio stations just ahead of his commercial release. BBCRadio1 Breakfast Show hosted by Nicholas Grimshaw was one of the lucky radio shows that this morning at 8 AM U.K. time had the opportunity to air the song. The airing of SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES at the Breakfast show was accompanied by a 2 hours interview and co-hosting by Harry Styles.

This was Harry’s first interview given about his solo music in which he discussed his writing and recording his first solo album. Speaking with Grimmy about how it feels debuting his first single, he states:

“It’s a bit weird, I feel like I’ve been hibernating for so long now and you hear it in the safety of the studio and now it’s time to give birth. It’s the debut single I’m most proud of writing. This is the first thing where for sure I feel like I have a job again. I’ve been hibernating trying to get it all ready, that’s been fun, but I like this bit as well.”

Harry explained further the approach taken while putting together his album:

We just wanted to make what we wanted to listen to, and that has been the most fun part for me about making the whole album. In the least weird way possible, it’s my favourite album to listen to at the moment. I think if you put out something that you don’t stand behind and really love… Then if it doesn’t go well then you could regret not doing what you wanted to do. Whereas if nothing happens with it, I love it. You know? So, I think that’s what you should do. I think that’s been my favourite part to the overall thing is listening to the album and making all the changes – it has been fun to watch over it all.”

SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES is 5 min and 40 seconds long and features Harry singing a good part of it in falsetto. The song has a timeless quality to it that is likely going to appeal to a wide audience. Testament of this is that within an hour of its release the single shot to number 1 in iTunes Charts in several different countries including the U.K. and the USA!

The release of the song was preceded by days of promo in which first the art work, then the title and finally some of the lyrics of the song were released on social media.

The released lyrics turned out to be the beginning of the song: “Just stop your crying, it’s the sign of the times. Welcome to the final show, hope you’re wearing your best clothes”

The solo art for his single SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES (pictured below/credit to Colombia) was posted on  Harry’s Instagram last Friday, 31.03.17. Within hours of Harry’s post the picture had over 1.5million+ views and likes.



Harry ‘s promo schedule so far includes a few apperances including one at Saturday Night Live with NBC’s Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, on Saturday April 15th and one at the Graham Norton Show on April 21st.  The performance on SNL will be the very first performance of SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES. Jimmy Fallon posted this tweet about Harry’s appearance.


You can keep up with all of Harry’s soon to be released music and videos by following these accounts:

Harry Styles VEVO

Harry Styles’Spotify

Harry’s webpage link


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