Article: Harry Styles performs on Saturday Night Live

Article: Harry Styles performs on Saturday Night Live

April 16th, 2017: Last night Harry Styles performed live on Saturday Night Live his new single Sign of the Times and Ever Since New York, another track off his solo album “Harry Styles”. He also acted in 2 comedic skits with Jimmy Fallon. Harry Styles’s participation in performances throughout the show highlighted his incredible abilities as a musician, vocalist, and actor.


This was the first time in the entire 40 years story of the show that it aired live from coast to coast, exposing Harry to a large audience. The positive reactions on social media today from people outside the One Direction demographics is a testament to the wide appeal of his solo music, which has been said to have that timeless quality of the David Bowie and Beatles era.

Harry, still sporting the short haircut from filming the movie Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan, wore a checkered suit during his two performances and presented himself in a deeply genuine way. While the performances were intense and heartfelt, his skits were incredibly funny, showing someone who isn’t afraid to step out of his comfort zone. In one of the skits Harry impersonated Mick Jagger, whom Harry has been often compared to.

Harry released his solo Sign of the Times on April 7th and will be releasing his album on May 12th. Sign of the Times debuted number 1 on the U.K. charts! Harry has said that Sign of the Times is one of the tracks on the album he is most proud of. The song is 5 min and 40 secs long and has parts sang in falsetto, highlighting Harry amazing vocal range. Ever Since New York saw Harry playing the guitar in a performance for the first time. Harry has been studying the guitar for years now but this was the first time he played one while performing.

Harry has been working on the promo of his album for a few weeks now, and has been on radio stations including BBCR1 where he was interviewed by Nicholas Grimshaw for the Breakfast Show. This though was the very first performance of his solo music and judging by the reactions it is safe to say that has blown everybody away!

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