Article: Gemma Styles tweets in support of WiseUp

Article: Gemma Styles tweets in support of WiseUp

IMG_0435April 22nd 2017: Harry Styles’ sister Gemma yesterday tweeted in support of the campaign WiseUp (to wellbeing in schools). This campaign launched in the U.K. by Young Minds calls for the Goverment to rebalance Education. Young Minds is a U.K. leading charity committed to improving the emotional and mental wellbeing of children and young people.

Statistics say that most of the students in the U.K. school system at all levels feel pressured to perform at high levels, especially during exams and tests, even to the detriment of their own mental health. There is indeed a tendency for schools to emphasize performance over well being of their students. Even teachers recognize this lack of balance. Over 80% of the teachers recognize that exams are overemphasized and 70% call for a rebalancing of the school system so that more weight can be put on the students’ happiness.


Young Minds proposes to implement the following changes:

  • wellbeing to be fundamental to education and school performance
  • more recognition of good work schools are doing on wellbeing
  • mental health to be an integral part of training for all teachers
  • proper funding for wellbeing initiatives in schools

As as a first step towards pursuing these goals the WiseUp campaign is asking for signatures for a letter to Theresa May (see below). Gemma signed the letter and posted the link on her twitter account. Over 10,000 people have already signed. If you want to sign the letter click on this link. Here is the link to learn more about and support Young Minds.

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