Article: Harry Styles donates the proceeds of his LA show to Safe Place for Youth

Article: Harry Styles donates the proceeds of his LA show to Safe Place for Youth

May 23rd 2017: Harry Styles announced via twitter in the early hours of the afternoon on May 19th that he would be performing at the Troubadour in West Hollywood later that day.  The Troubadour is one of the most prominent Los Angeles clubs for serious music fans who enjoy listening to live music. Its stage saw performers such as Elton John and Tom Waits early on in their careers, and continues to see emerging artists regularly. Harry’s performance was particularly special on Friday because surprise guest, Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, joined him on stage to sing “Two Ghosts” from his newly released album ”Harry Styles’. Following this, Harry and Stevie performed a duet of Fleetwood Mac’s hits Landslide and Leather and Lace.


All the proceeds of Harry’s show at the Troubadour are for the charity Safe Place for Youth. Safe Place for Youth was established in 2011 by Founder/Executive Director Alison Hurst who, along with a group of volunteers, had been distributing food and clothes out of their cars to homeless youth in Venice Beach, California. Since its inception Safe Place for Youth has grown exponentially and has now become a registered charity with 12 full time employees who have brought to the organization much needed expertise.

It is calculated that Los Angeles has over 6,000 homeless young individuals sleeping in the streets every single night. Each person has their own individual story but the paths to homelessness are often shared. 59% of homeless youth reports starting living in the streets after being kicked out by their parents or guardians or after running away from home due to physical and/or sexual abuse, homophobia or transphobia, parental mental illness or substance abuse.


The goal of Safe Place for Youth is to give immediate concrete and practical support to homeless youth, and to help them, through a series of educational programs, to reach their potentials so that they can leave life in the streets behind them. Shared from Safe Place for Youth website:

Our mission is to inspire, nurture and empower the resilient human spirit of homeless youth by providing immediate and lasting solutions, one young person at a time.

Safe Place for Youth’s program includes the following aspects:

  • Case management: housing, pregnancy, parenting, family reunification.
  • Drop in services: food, clothes, hygiene, phone, mental wellness, vet service, legal.
  • Education and employment
  • Street outreach: volunteers visit parks, beaches and areas where homeless youth sleep and congregate to offer help and support, while distributing food, water, clothes, HIV tests and tools for basic hygiene.
  • Health and wellness: health screening, information and referrals, dental clinic, HIV testing, health workshops and Medi-Cal registration.
  • Advocacy

In 2015 Safe Place for Youth provided almost 10,000 meals, saw 5,000 drop in visits at its center, made over 1,800 connections, saw 139 youth go through their educational programs, and 57 youth exit homelessness and enter a stable living situation. To offer your support for Safe Place for Youth work, visit their donation page for additional information.

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