Article: Gemma Styles registers with DKMS to fight blood cancers

Article: Gemma Styles registers with DKMS to fight blood cancers

June 2, 2017: This week Gemma Styles, (sister of Harry Styles), Another Man A/W Launch Event Hosted By Harry Styles, Alister Mackie & Kris Van Asscheposted a tweet about registering with DKMS to help end blood cancers through blood stem cell donations. People in need of a blood stem cell donation are fighting life-threatening diseases such as leukaemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. By replacing their cancerous blood cells through a blood stem cell donation from a matching donor is their best chance of survival, (according to the DKMS website’s scientific research sites.)

Registering as a potential donor is an easy process that requires a simple cheek swab using a requested Swab Kit sent to you from DKMS. Gemma demonstrated this technique on her Twitter post. (Photos shared here are credited to her twitter account):


The cheek swab sample will be registered worldwide to help those with blood cancers find a potential match for a stem cell donor, potentially saving their life. More about how this procedure takes place is found in the video below (provided by the DKMS website):

DKMS first started in Germany in 1991 and is the world’s largest donor center. It has  branched globally and is now working within the United States, Poland, Spain and the U.K. with more than 7 million registered donors world-wide. DKMS has been working towards increasing this number to give blood cancer patients much better odds of beating their disease.

Making people aware of their potential to save a life by registering and being willing to donate if matched is crucial. Gemma Styles’s Twitter post, and many others like hers, dedicated to spreading the word on their social media about blood stem cell registry helps this cause tremendously.

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The pictures above represent but a few of the many patients from the UK appealing for a potential match. The DKMS website states that every 20 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with a blood cancer like leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma. Over 2,000 people in the UK are searching for a blood stem cell donor match every year. Currently over 37,000 people are waiting worldwide.

A blood stem cell donation from a matching donor could save their lives.

For more information on becoming a potential donor to save someone’s life through registry, or to help their efforts through a donation, start here.

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