Holmes Chapel welcomes Harry Styles’ biggest fan Maryann


June 4th, 2017: The pub George and Dragon in Holmes Chapel published today a post on Facebook with a video sent to them by Maryann Scott from Glasgow, who visited the town for her birthday this past April. The video tells the story of her visit and the people that she met. George and Dragon hopes that Harry Styles will notice their post.

Maryann has cerebral palsy, is confined to a wheelchair, she cannot speak and uses a feeding tube. She has been a One Direction fan for years and has met them twice in the past, in 2011 and 2015 when they performed in Glasgow.

Maryann visited Holmes Chapel with her mom, her grandmother and her cousin. She went to the bakery W Mandeville, where Harry used to work and met Harry’s old boss there. During her visit Maryann was even given an autographed pic from One Direction. In the video she says that she will be back in Holmes Chapel this summer. Overall Maryann received a warm welcome from the town who has taken it upon itself to try to get Harry Styles’s attention.



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2 Responses to Holmes Chapel welcomes Harry Styles’ biggest fan Maryann

  1. Liz says:

    How amazing would it be if Harry Styles sent a reply for Maryann
    She an amazing girl
    Love her video


  2. Maryann Scott says:

    Please please share my story to your friends


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