Article: The Little Princess Trust

Article: The Little Princess Trust


June 9, 2017: The Little Princess Trust is a registered charity established in 2005 in the UK, honoring a child named Hannah Tarplee after she lost her battle with cancer at the age of five. imageHer parents, Simon and Wendy, along with the help of Tim Lowe, Hannah’s headmaster and hairdressers Peter and Tracey Prosser worked together to create a charity that provides wigs made for children experiencing loss of hair as a result of harsh cancer treatments.

When battling cancer with rounds of radiation and chemotherapy a side effect can be to experience a complete loss of hair. This result can be difficult for anyone, but especially traumatic for teens and for children of school age. Some teens have even considered discontinuing their treatments due to this. (See video about this below).

The Little Princess Trust made a commitment to alleviate this stress by providing wigs made of human hair which closely matches the recipient’s own style and color. The wigs are made using a thin base that fits closely to the head creating a very natural look. Due the care in this design, however, wigs need replacing every few months which the charity continues to provide; again, free of charge. This mission can only be accomplished by continual donations of lengths of hair and generous monetary support.

(Pictured below are children donating their hair for


Our article in May of 2016, mentioned Harry Styles donating his hair to the charity when he was preparing for an upcoming movie role. Harry’s support went beyond the donation of his long hair by exposing more than 30 million followers on his social media to the charity. Harry’s Instagram post for #littleprincesstrust was liked by more than 100,000 people within 5 hours of being posted; to date it has climbed to more than two million and created a worldwide global trend.image Harry continues to support Little Princess Trust; in May 2017, he donated all proceeds from his one-night performance at the Garage to the charity. (See our article ).

The generous donations through the years have now allowed Little Princess Trust the opportunity to also provide support for the development of less toxic and harsh forms of cancer treatments when they are given to children.


The charity website has a message from co-founder and chairman of the Trust, Wendy Tarplee, expressing gratitude at what the charity has been able to accomplish in pediatric cancer research so far:

“I am incredibly proud of what has been achieved since the charity was launched. We have given away 5,000 real hair wigs to sick children which is astonishing! When we initially started the charity we spoke of how wonderful it would be if one day there wouldn’t be a need for an organisation of this kind. I could never have imagined that 10 years later we would be able to fund research which might one day help to achieve just that.”

By partnering with the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group UK or CCLG, Little Princess Trust has funded a grant of £500,000 towards research into pediatric cancer. By working together in funding this research they are helping to potentially eliminate the need for wigs altogether.

More information about their specific research projects chosen for support can be found here


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