Article: Action Against Cancer

Article : Action Against Cancer


Action Against Cancer (AAC) is a charity focused on supporting critical research dedicated to understanding cancers origin and developing cures to eliminate them. Founder and Chairwoman, Hilary Craft, (having battled three different cancers of her own within the past 15 years), was motivated to create this charity with the desire to help as many people as possible who, like her, were facing a battle to beat aggressive cancer. image ( *Ms. Craft would later be awarded the British Empire Medal in 2013 for the founding of Action Against Cancer and it’s contributions in research).

Action Against Cancer began after Ms. Craft had several conversations with world-renowned oncologist, Professor Justin Stebbing involving the funding for cancer research which utilizes a more “cutting-edge” bold approach in understanding the origins of cancers in order to develop a cure. According to Dr. Stebbing (here), some of the larger cancer charities will fund only ‘safe’ research or sometimes research that takes no risk. Dr. Stebbing states that finding a cure is certainly not easy; that we don’t know why some cancers are curable and some are not, but that we need a system of research that can change and adapt quickly as more is learned.

Professor Stebbing is in charge of leading the research for the organization with Imperial College at Hammersmith Hospital, and describes the origin of Action Against Cancer in this way:

“One conversation led to another and then actions – lots of actions – thus the name Action Against Cancer – when words stop and the hard work begins. It’s 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration in the laboratory. Patients need better solutions, fast. That’s what we’re here for.”

The research team at Action Against Cancer is willing to take some calculated risks in pushing the envelope with the newest information on genetics and stem cell research available, so that a cure can one day be found.

The AAC research team have already had a major break-through (in late 2016) in solving the structure of a cancer-causing gene (LMTK3). This break-through enables the team in developing a new drug/therapy to defeat cancer. More can be found about the progress of their cutting edge research and the cancer drug development from their website section here: Updates from the Lab. 

All of ACC’s major research projects could not take place if it were not for the Action Against Cancer patrons as well as the individual fundraisers and supporters; for example, the fundraising efforts of Anne and Robin Twist, (mum and stepfather of Harry Styles). imageAnne and Robin, pictured to the left, organized a group to participate in a 5k walk Through Knowsley Safari Park raising nearly 6x the amount set for their goal. (More about it here in our May 2016 article). As the mum of Harry Styles, Anne Twist has a social media reach in the millions and she has used her massive platform to spread the word in support of @ActionAgainstCancer or to all her followers. She posted a tweet and set up a donation page about the fundraiser that she and Robin would be participating in for ACC, which raised over £6,000!


The charity thrives upon the donations and support from their volunteers and fundraisers and just like Anne and Robin Twist, anyone who wishes to help Action Against Cancer research is welcome to be involved. (From their donation webpage):


(all credit for photos and quotes given to Charley Cranmer posts his info on their fundraiser webpage to help anyone lining up a fundraiser event:

“Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or would like to discuss your fundraising ideas. I will be delighted to help in any way I can. You can call me, Charley Cranmer on 07535 806067 or send me an email to”

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