A Charitable Direction: Make-A-Wish Foundation



July 22, 2017: The Make A Wish Foundation is a charity that helps seriously ill children by creating a real life experience for them based off one of their wishes. They are founded in the belief that a child with a life threatening condition should have more than illnesses, hospitals, and treatments facing them each day. A child’s life should have joy, happiness, wonder and hope, and that is the mission Make-Wish-Foundation strives to do. As it is stated on their website:

Whether it’s starring in their own films, walking with dinosaurs, going on an amazing holiday, meeting a celebrity hero, or having a life-changing bedroom makeover; our wishes are varied, personal and, most importantly, magical.”

One of the most fascinating results that have come from the vision of Make-A-Wish’s mission to bring the joy and hope back into a child’s life, has been through the realm of transforming what seems impossible to possibile.

In the video below, a study was conducted on the potential impact a granted wish to a child can bring to their mental, emotional or physical well-being.  The study revealed that by giving a child the experience they have wished for but never thought possible, transforms a child’s belief from the impossible to the possible in their life. And, if this can be done with a dream of, say being a pirate or battling in a Star Wars film, it opens the realm of possibilities with their health.

Through the impact and vision of the Make A Wish Foundation, more organizations around the world have drawn inspiration to bring this opportunity to children around the world. Beginning in 1986, the Make A Wish UK (MAWUK) started with a few volunteers and generous local donations for support. With their hard work MAWUK was up and running and able to grant wishes to four children within their very first year, beginning with granting a child’s wish to visit Disneyland. They continue to grow year after year primarily through the efforts of many volunteers who host events and continue to spread the word of their work. Through sponsorships, donations and local fundraising their hard work provided enough for MAWUK to grant 100 wishes by their fourth year!

Still to this day, Make-A-WishUK depends heavily on its volunteers, fundraisers and donations which has allowed MAWUK to grant over 11,000 seriously ill children special wishes to date. With the help of many celebrities, athletes, and musicians (many whom special dreams are centered around), who generously donate their time, MAWUK continues to grant wishes to ill children every year.

In our May 4, 2017 article we talked about Louis Tomlinson’s special message to a young girl named Daisy whose wish was to meet him (as he was her favorite from One Direction). Daisy caught Louis’ attention because despite her fist wish being to meet him, she chose her second wish so that she could include her whole family into a Disney trip provided by Make A Wish UK. After learning about Daisy’s generousity towards her loved ones, Louis made sure he sent her a special message to let her know he cared.


Make-A-WishUK needs your help. There are so many ways to keep the special wishes coming for seriously ill children and bring some joy and hope their way:

Here’s where to start  ~Sponsor A Wish✨
~Be a volunteer

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