How to get help

Bullying can be defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior that creates a real or perceived imbalance of power. A bully will use social, physical, or cyber methods to attack their victims (source:

Bullying is upsetting and scary and we take campaigning against it at heart. We don’t want you to feel alone and we would like you to take the right steps towards protecting yourself. We take a firm stand against bullying and we did this by creating the campaign #1DFansStandAgainstBullying which you can read more about in the “Read about our story” below. So, should you or someone you know become a victim of bullying, we would like to encourage you to seek help with trusted professionals. There are many online resources that can be of help. Here are some links:




You aren’t alone. We will stand with you against bullying

#1DFansStandAgainstBullying @OneDirectionNDA

Help with Cyber Bullying

  • DO NOT respond to and DO NOT forward the cyberbullying messages.
  • Keep evidence of the messages with screenshots, printed emails, and text messages. BLOCK the person sending the messages.
  • Report this to online service providers, your school counselor or teacher, your parent, and/or law enforcement if threatened.


Helpful sites for dealing with Bullying:

If you or anyone you know is feeling hopeless or helpless having suicidal thoughts, talk with someone:

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