Article: Harry Styles debuts solo single SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES.

Article: Harry Styles debuts solo single SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES.


April 7, 2017: Harry Styles’ first solo single SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES was played today for the first time on radio stations just ahead of his commercial release. BBCRadio1 Breakfast Show hosted by Nicholas Grimshaw was one of the lucky radio shows that this morning at 8 AM U.K. time had the opportunity to air the song. The airing of SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES at the Breakfast show was accompanied by a 2 hours interview and co-hosting by Harry Styles.

This was Harry’s first interview given about his solo music in which he discussed his writing and recording his first solo album. Speaking with Grimmy about how it feels debuting his first single, he states:

“It’s a bit weird, I feel like I’ve been hibernating for so long now and you hear it in the safety of the studio and now it’s time to give birth. It’s the debut single I’m most proud of writing. This is the first thing where for sure I feel like I have a job again. I’ve been hibernating trying to get it all ready, that’s been fun, but I like this bit as well.”

Harry explained further the approach taken while putting together his album:

We just wanted to make what we wanted to listen to, and that has been the most fun part for me about making the whole album. In the least weird way possible, it’s my favourite album to listen to at the moment. I think if you put out something that you don’t stand behind and really love… Then if it doesn’t go well then you could regret not doing what you wanted to do. Whereas if nothing happens with it, I love it. You know? So, I think that’s what you should do. I think that’s been my favourite part to the overall thing is listening to the album and making all the changes – it has been fun to watch over it all.”

SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES is 5 min and 40 seconds long and features Harry singing a good part of it in falsetto. The song has a timeless quality to it that is likely going to appeal to a wide audience. Testament of this is that within an hour of its release the single shot to number 1 in iTunes Charts in several different countries including the U.K. and the USA!

The release of the song was preceded by days of promo in which first the art work, then the title and finally some of the lyrics of the song were released on social media.

The released lyrics turned out to be the beginning of the song: “Just stop your crying, it’s the sign of the times. Welcome to the final show, hope you’re wearing your best clothes”

The solo art for his single SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES (pictured below/credit to Colombia) was posted on  Harry’s Instagram last Friday, 31.03.17. Within hours of Harry’s post the picture had over 1.5million+ views and likes.



Harry ‘s promo schedule so far includes a few apperances including one at Saturday Night Live with NBC’s Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, on Saturday April 15th and one at the Graham Norton Show on April 21st.  The performance on SNL will be the very first performance of SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES. Jimmy Fallon posted this tweet about Harry’s appearance.


You can keep up with all of Harry’s soon to be released music and videos by following these accounts:

Harry Styles VEVO

Harry Styles’Spotify

Harry’s webpage link


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Louis Tomlinson performs with Steve Aoki at the Ultra festival in Miami

Louis Tomlinson performs with Steve Aoki at the Ultra festival in Miami

images-2March 26th, 2017: Last night Louis Tomlinson set his foot on the stage of one of the best and largest Electronic Music Dance festivals in the world. The Ultra Music Festival takes place each year at the end of March in Miami, Florida, at Bayfront Park. The festival was founded in 1999 by concert promoters Russell Faibish and Alex Omes and takes its name from the 1997 Depeche Mode album called Ultra.

Ultra’s original format was a one day long outdoor festival (1999-2006). It then grew into a 2 days festival from 2007 to 2010, and became a 3 days event from 2010 onward. In 2013 Ultra took place across 2 weekends and was attended by over 330,000 people. In 2014 the festival went back to a 3 days format. The attendance for 2016 was 165,000! The Ultra festival is very popular. People travel from all over the world to attended it and the tickets are usually sold out in less than 5 minutes (this year, the tickets have been sold out since October).


As of 2016 the festival takes place across 7 different stages set up in and around Bayfront park. Louis performed on the Main stage. Steve Aoki took the stage for 1 hour from 6:10 to 7:10 PM, introducing some of the songs from his new album. At 6:20 PM Louis joined him on stage to perform their song Just Hold On. Just Hold On was released last December and performed for the first time at the X factor finale on December 10th, a few days after the passing of Louis’ mother Jay Deakin. Just Hold On has reached the top positions in several different charts all over the world becoming Platinum in Canada and Gold in the UK, Italy and Australia. In fact the single just went Platinum in Canada a few days ago and Steve surprised Louis with the plaque after their performance.



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Niall Horan supports the East Africa Appeal with Save the Children & DEC

Niall Horan supports the East Africa Appeal with Save the Children & DEC

March 20, 2017: 

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Niall Horan shared on his Twitter earlier this week, that he is supporting the East Africa Food Crisis Appeal through the Disaster Emergency Committee and

Niall has potentially reached millions of people with his post helping to bring attention to the crisis of famine and drought facing regions of Africa today. Both Niall and Harry Styles have used their social media accounts to bring awareness of world humanitarian causes to millions of their fans. (See more about this in our 23.03.17 article )



United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator, Stephen O’Brien shares this information about his recent visit to regions of east Africa:

(Stephen O’Brien’s appeal to UN)

“We stand at a critical point in history. Already at the beginning of the year we are facing the largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the UN. Without collective and coordinated global efforts”, he warned, “people risk starving to death and succumbing to disease, stunted children and lost futures, and mass displacements and reversed development gains.”

It is estimated that as many as 20 million people will die from famine and lack of drinkable water; over 800,000 of these are children under the age of five suffering from severe malnourishment most of their lives. This catastrophe greatly affects a child’s mental and physical development at a crucial stage of life and their ability to grow and function should they survive the famine.

Below, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) makes their appeal: (shared from the BBC for DEC site)


The U.K. has led the way with a real start in making a difference in these war-torn, famine stricken areas of the world suffering through drought.


You can be part of the answer to this humanitarian catastrophe by becoming involved with organizations like @savechildrenuk or @decappeal today. Here are some ways that help can be given:

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Harry Styles and Niall Horan show support for @drop4drop clean water project

Harry Styles and Niall Horan show support for @drop4drop clean water project

March 22nd, 2017: Today Harry Styles posted a tweet in support of @drop4drop “clean water for all” project. Last year Harry showed his support by posting an IG picture (see below).  Later today band mate Niall Horan showed also support of @drop4drop by posting the IG picture shown below. Drop4drop is an organization that promotes and raises funds to bring clean and safe water to all the communities in need around the world.



Harry for drop4drop 2016

Clean water is not a guarantee everywhere in the world. In fact, one in 9 people (663 million people) in the world does not have access to safe water. Not having access to clean and safe water causes illnesses that are preventable resulting in hospitalizations for many and lives lost, including 1.5 million children. An astounding half of the hospital beds in the world are occupied by people suffering from water related diseases.

In communities without safe water, women and children are often in charge of collecting it. It is calculated that to collect water, women and children around the world collectively walk 200 million miles a day. That equates to more than 443 million school days are lost each year for this activity.  If all the communities of the world had access to safe water, the women could invest that time working to better their family’s lives and contributing to their communities. Children would not lose school days and could focus on education. Clean and safe water helps communities stay healthy and thrive.


HDrop4drop is committed to bring safe water to communities in a sustainable way by involving local labourers that help build wells and are trained to maintain them. You can donate either to a well being built or you can be the sole donor of a well that will have a plaque with your name. If you are the sole donor of a well, Drop4drop will send you pictures of the well, GPS of the site, and case study from a member of the community. To donate to drop4drop go to this page on their website.

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Fandoms Against Bullying: the story of our follower Nubilasoles

Fandoms Against Bullying: the story of our follower Nubilasoles

I was always a different child in a little town where everyone seemed to know each other. Head in the clouds and kind to everyone but quiet. I could cry quite easily. Especially music made me feel. I remember the times when people from my class told me to do stupid things and laughed when I complied because I couldn’t think anyone would do such a thing as bully other people. I usually got average grades and did not have a drive to be better because going to school was a struggle most days. There were times I was so sad and confused I couldn’t go to school and my mother let me stay home. No one wanted to do group work with me. Especially in EP I was the last one chosen when teams were made. Name calling was also hurtful. I did not know some of the names they threw at me, but most made me sad. I just didn’t have a backbone at the time. I have long hair that I always kept open to hide myself behind it. I had one ”friend” but she could stab me in the back the next day. Still I wanted to be with her as much as possible.


There was one time I went to see my school’s curator who helps children with studying problems. I told her I had been bullied my whole school life but she just said “You are not the only one.” Nothing else. But I have been thinking that if she had introduced me to even one of the other bullied children my life would have been so different. Or maybe not. And I love myself right now!

After school I returned home where I lived with my parents and older sister. Reading my little town library’s books was my favorite thing. “Lord of the rings” is my all time favorite book. I knew really young I wanted to become a librarian when I grew up. I read lots of comics and learnt to draw from them. I had ballet classes but even there no one wanted to be my friend. Small town.

First step towards the right direction I took in my seventh school year’s cooking class. My usual bullies were playing with words and blaming me for things happening in class. I have had enough and jumped up from my chair. I yelled for them to shut up and stop blaming me. They went quiet fast. Everyone stared at me with open eyes. After class I went to talk to the teacher and wanted to know if there was some kind of punishment for disturbing the class. She looked me in the eyes and said ”Absolutely not. You did well.”

I got my first real friends when I was 14-years-old, I think. I moved to a new school in the same town. New school meant completely new people and one of them wanted to get to know me. I’m still friends with her. We were at a rave couple of weeks ago. She had another friend who did not like me first but warned up to me afterwards. I’m godmother to two of her children now.


One of Nubilasoles’ favorite walks (contributed by Nubilasoles)

The biggest chance came when my family moved to a big city. New place and new people were a given. It was also an Art’s School so I got to shine a bit with my drawing skills. BUT like destiny somehow three People from my last class had moved there too. Luckily my new class had four amazing girls and one boy who wanted to be my friends. I got on really well especially with the boy. Couple years after I noticed he might have been a bit smitten with me, but I just saw him as a friend. I had never wanted to be a girlfriend to anyone.

New school, friends and city gave me so much more self-confidence. My grades improved and I started to keep my hair tied in a ponytail. No need for curtains anymore. Even EP was fun and I was happy to go to school most days. Part of me was still on the look out for people who might make fun of me, but now I knew what to expect.

I graduated high school and went to study Information (that gives you competence to work in libraries). First time living by myself. I got really good grades and was even more confident. My hard work was rewarded right after I graduated by getting my first library job and I’m still working at the same place. I work with children and love telling them stories. I also keep a look out for bullying and jump right in if I see something.


Helsinki Pride (contributed by Nubilasoles)

I got into 1D fandom same year I got my library job. I actually have to thank Ed and I See Fire for that. I checked him out on social media and naturally came across One Direction as well and I wanted to know more about them. This big 1 D family has given me so much. I like taking part in the projects and charities the fandom does. I also learnt lots about myself. Rainbow Direction gave me a nudge to LGBT world. I finally got the answer for why I never felt sexual desire towards other people. I’m asexual. So many things made sense. I felt really happy to be part of OTRAHelsinki and Helsinki Pride on the same day. Still my favorite day. That was also the day I told my sister I was asexual and she was so happy for me. My sister is sorry for not being there for me when I was bullied. We are really close now.

The newest surprise about me was last year when I noticed I’m a highly sensitive person. My sensitivity and fear of certain things make sense now. I’m still getting a hang of myself but I’m really proud of myself for coming this far.

I will end this article by saying couple of things to those having hard time. Please never think there is something wrong with you. You are lovely just as you are. Don’t let what others say make you think less of yourself. They are probably jealous. Do things you like to do. If you need help from other people other than your family or friends there are people out there who would love to help you. I am one of these people. There are also online resources and accounts like @1DFABNDA that are campaigning against bullying and can help you.

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Fandoms Against Bullying: the story of our follower Glenn

Fandoms Against Bullying: the story of our follower Glenn

I was bullied from early childhood and bullying has had a huge impact on my life. Unfortunately, bullying can start at home and in school and it may take a while for someone to recognize what it really is. This can cause damage to your self-esteem and bring about thoughts of self-harm and suicide. I remember being bullied by my father who had no patience with me and who caused me a great deal of self-doubt. One episode that stands out is when I was learning how to drive and I had gone to a trial ride with him. Being a beginner I was nervous and my driving wasn’t as smooth as I wished. My father quickly lost his patience with me and left me in the car without saying a word and never spoke about me learning how to drive ever again. I believe that this was a more subtle form of bullying that nevertheless caused a great deal of damage. As bullying continued in school, I even attempted suicide twice.


Luckily, I had good people in my life as well, who have been a source of strength for me. These include my mom and my sisters in law. Thanks to their support I was able to seek out help. I found help in state organizations that set me up with a therapist. The therapist diagnosed me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression. Being in therapy and taking medications for my condition has helped me tremendously. I can now be in crowds and go about my life without getting panic attacks. Overall, I feel much better even though some effects of the long term bullying still exist.


I strongly believe that bullying can have catastrophic consequences on someone’s life. I am a testament of this. Nobody should ever endure any type of bullying on or off line. If you find yourself a victim of bullying seek out help. Help exists out there in the form of people in your family or at school, and in organizations. With the right help you can start to heal and begin to lead a normal life.

If you want to share your experience with bullying or cyberbullying you can send us a DM on Twitter  at @1DFABNDA‬ or an email at Let us know if you want your story published, which can be done in complete anonymity. 


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Niall Horan spends time with fans at Rays of Sunshine

Niall Horan spends time with fans at Rays of Sunshine

March 1, 2017: Niall spent some time today with some fans at Rays of Sunshine in London. Niall, along with bandmates of One Direction, have been long time supporters of Rays of Sunshine’s mission in granting wishes to children living with life-limiting, serious illnesses. As stated on their website, here is the approach Rays of Sunshine takes toward their mission:

“Wishes are as unique as children themselves. They give a child the chance to forget their illness and do something they could only dream of. Wishes make a child feel extra-special and bring them hope and happiness. They also provide families with treasured memories of happy times to look back on.”

(*You can read more about One Direction’s involvement with Rays of Sunshine Charity from our articles posted here )

Niall, acting as an ambassador, granted wishes for some fans with a small meet and greet for autographs and pictures and singing. The following pictures are shared through the Rays of Sunshine’s Twitter posts and their website. The children were delighted to meet and listen to Niall’s new solo music and even tried out a guitar to play along with him.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Rays of Sunshine UK charity posted this thank you tweet to Niall today, to which he replied, “Always a pleasure!”


UPDATE: 07.03.17

Below is a video of Niall ( @NiallOfficial ) shared by @RaysOfSunshine where he played #ThisTown for his special fans.

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